In The Pan-African Spirit of Parental Guidance

A Modern day Wilderness Journey

We are the children of the African Diaspora  and as a result of our holocaust, we are nationally and globally marginalized in our collective identity and contribution to the planet as a people.   Now when our focal point is fixed on our African-American Diaspora experience, the narrative that is written in the colors of the RED WHITE and BLUE still has a blatant disregard for the life of the RED BLACK and GREEN that lives in us.  This is evident in the lives of Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Gardner … and the list continues.  How many generations will we allow to inherit the genocidal disposition of powerlessness.  

Our future calls for a generation immersed in the cultural awareness of Black Consciousness, utilizing the reservoir of resources while being governed by the desire to for fill our divine responsibility to obtain self-determination. 

Pulling from the historical pages of biblical witness, we need to be like Moses who took a concentrated period of time to implement a process that would erode the Mark of Slavery in the mindset on an entire generation.   As a Pan-African community,  can we commit to the concept of harvesting our infinite fields of intellect, spiritual disciplines, cultural traditions, and economic blessings to raise a generation rooted in the preservation of everything good about us as a people.

Imagine … every black child in elementary, middle, high school and college seeking a well-rounded higher education for the sake of liberation … our possibilities become limitless.  I dare you to allow your thoughts to dream of a better community.  I challenge you heart to fall more in love with the plight of our people.  And I implore you to move to act upon the support of our youth.

World of Alkebulan. … Planting a better seed to get a better harvest.