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ABOUT US: Simply put...

There is a promise that needs to be made ... there is an obligation that needs to be upheld ... there is a commitment that needs to never die and that is for we the physically strong, intellectually inclined, the culturally enhanced, and the spiritually enlightened combine our resources to create that parental hand of guidance that leads our children to discover who and whose they are.

In today's digital era, we seek to utilize technology to the fullest extent in regards to bringing direct action to a common cause.  A mother can struggle to take care of her children but it should be the community that organizes to support that family.  After 63 years of grass roots Community Engagement, the voice of family, a community, of a people seeks to get stronger.


The purpose of the World Of Alkebulan is to create  a nourishing youth environment geared to address the needs of the WHOLE child: mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, we will be utilizing charitable donations from sponsors and patrons, to assist in providing materials, equipment and humanitarian assistance for WOA events and programs to serve youth.

It Takes A Village ...

Answer the call to strengthen the bonds of soldarity in our communities in support of the development of the hearts, minds and spirits of our youth.


"The principles of  Pan African  humanism oblige us to fight until the very last breath  for the life of every child."

Sis. Lerato

" In all that I do in the midst of the youth program,  I know that I finally walking a path of what i am called to do."

Sis. Kimaada

"It is important to me that we guide our children to the understanding that in all they do they are a Child of God who is cared for and should never think anything less. "

"Our cultural approach to a spiritual awareness leads a young mind to a fearlessness in GOD while immersed in self realization there by discovering the African genius within, which is our true inheritance and our legacy ... We raise a better Black community."


The benefits of our community outreach initiative, defined through our programs within the WOAA (World Of Alkebulan Atlanta),  are measured by the levels of generational influence with in the lives of participating familes.

Family Testimony Profile Coming Soon.