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W.O.A.  Alkebulan Academy Consciousness Moments 

The pilot to a larger idea that is being developed.  Creating an early learning program that will help our youth get engaged with the world around them.  This episode ... Taking a Nature walk with Sister Jaribu. 

W.O.A. Tribute to Kobe Bryant 

He was a major impact on the ART of playing basketball and it went beyond his phyiscal gifts.  It was a state of mind ... It was winning as a way of life.  

Alkebulan Youth Sunday 

Recap: Sitting in silence is not a punishment ... but an opportunity to encounter your greater self while you are on the way to experience the voice of the CREATOR from within. 

Alkebulan Past Present Future 

Being a part of the program almost 30 years of my life ... We was ask to 

to create a power point presentation that would show the vision of what the Alkebulan Program was ... What it is .. and what we see it growing into. 

Alkebulan Youth Sunday 

The intro for the sermon prepared for the greater community.  We can believe in our future if we can believe in the kids we raised.  The most important truth a parent must understand is that our children belong ot GOD, Their first education is an education unto the CREATOR.

Alkebulan Sunday Service 

 We learned about Garvey the man,  the philosophy of Garvey, the influence of Garvey ... this lesson focuses on the spiritual awareness of Garvey.  It is an African that our ancestors will meet us on the battlefield in our struggle for our human dignity. 

Camp Alkebulan 2019

Kids from around the globe came to the city of Atlanta for Academic, Cultural, Artistic, Social and Spiritual experiences.  Feed into the Mind, Body and Spirit the kids that participated in the Camp Alkebulan Summer experience; they depart with a community of love and wonderful life long memories. 


Telling kids that have to wait to be great in a doing them a dis-service.  The world we build around them should guide them to the God given talents and gifts.  And we should allow them to experience their limitlessness in the time that they are in and not make them wait for a numeric age of adulthood.  

Alkebulan Sunday Service :

The Unstoppable Child Of God youth series  are based on lessons that lead our youth to 

seek GOD with their minds and in their hearts,  Build a habit of speaking to GOD through mediataion and prayer, then getting them to understand that they are to live life in service to GOD in all deeds.  

2019 QuadCentennial Commemoration :

A year-long period of commermoration marking 400 years of the African presence in America.  We seek to use this indisputable historical milestone as a rallying point to marshal the energy and focus of African-descended people across the Diaspora to intelligently confront the unique challenges facing us today and to usher in a new era of consciousness and activism. 

From One Generation to the Next:

From the vision of Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman, to the voice of Alkebulan Alumni, to the words of the new generation, We build the relationships within our community geared toward leading to a life experience of building for ourselves. 

Camp Uaminifu 

The summer time is that moment in the year kids get to experience adventure after adventure after adventure and the next best thing to living it is the memories. 

Camp Uaminifu 

You know it was a great moment in time when you need a part two video to fit all the activities in.  Every one was a happy camper. 

A Self-determined Generation 

There is no better way to celebrate our 65th anniversary than to burn the deed to the Beulah Land farm ... YES.  We own it. 

Community Service Saturdays 

We help build up that heart muscle by putting the kids in an experience of real service. 

Something about a community that believe in their youth..  

Sister Kimaada and Njinga came up with the concept and asked me to come up with visual.  I love this one. It changes the way we do a presentation. 

Children's Church topic: Tools for Spiritual Warfare  

Mattew 7:7 ... In the lives that they live,  at the ages that they are ... they also have need to aquire divine guidance.  Getting them to understand the power of prayer leads them to a prayer warriors life.  We Ask ...We seek ... We knock.  And with that in their arsenal, success in all things Godly are within their reach. 

Tribute to the Man, The Minister, The Maccabee 

There wasn't one call on his life that he did not answer ... there was not an answer that he needed that he did not seek and he knocked on every door that needed to be open. This is a man who lived as a pure vessel.  He believed in the brillance of GOD that flowed through him and it put it all to use.  The compilation of sermons he left us with gives a great message and direction for our youth. Enjoy. 


Thoughts displayed in a visual  concept meant to stimulate our "God-Consciousness" leading us not just to think on a higher level as a people but move us to ACTION where we make to the decisions to live on a higher level with a greater sense of self. 

Advent Sermon

The subject was the topic of LOVE ... and it made sense to explain How HE so LOVED the WORLD ... enjoy and be blessed.